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Step One: Locate You Oakland County Commissioner

In order to take action, you need to locate your own county commissioner. Your message will be the strongest when you use your voice as a constituent to influence the commissioner who represents you. You can use this tool to find your commission district:



Step Two: Use Talking Points To Leave a Message

Using the attached language, leave a message on your commissioner's voicemail. It is better to make it your own, writing a personal note using the information provided. However, if you're in a rush, it is totally fine to simply copy/paste the attached materials.


Dear Commissioner,

I am an Oakland County resident, and a constituent of your district, concerned about the future of our environment. We want immediate steps to move towards a clean, renewable future. Oakland County residents support enacting the 2021 Oakland County Climate, Jobs and Justice Platform. This includes the following actions, which I support:

--Commit the county to end greenhouse gas emissions by county operations by 2030, end greenhouse gas pollution county-wide by 2050, and protect vulnerable communities from the effects of already-occurring climate change.
--Create good jobs through investment in clean energy.
--Eliminate lead contamination in drinking water, protecting the most vulnerable. Take action to stop water pollution.
--Modernize and enhance bus transit, and make large transportation corridors friendly to low-carbon transit.
--Press utilities to invest in low-income communities and fund energy efficiency.


Without these actions, we cannot create an Oakland County that is sustainable for future generations. I ask for your support in the implementation of swift climate action.



Ready-To-Use Voicemail Script (Beginner)

Talking Points

Step Three: Amplify Your Impact

Thanks for taking action. Can you follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on the latest environmental news in Oakland County? Then, share our page with your friends to help spread the word?


Thanks for taking action. Can you follow/share us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on the latest environmental news in Oakland County?


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