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Step One: Locate You Oakland County Commissioner

In order to take action, you need to locate your own county commissioner. Your message will be the strongest when you use your voice as a constituent to influence the commissioner who represents you. You can use this tool to find your commission district:



Step Two: Reach Out To Our Campaign

If you're planning to meet with your county commissioner, it is helpful to make contact with our group. We can assist in providing resources and making connections to prepare for your meetings. After you've figured out who your county commissioner is, please send an email to

Step Three: Preparing For Your Meeting

Letter to Your Commissioner

Talking Points


I am your constituent, and a supporter of the Oakland County Climate Campaign’s (OCCC) efforts to
‘Turn Oakland County Green.’ OCCC is a grassroots, volunteer-led group operating in Oakland County. In
2020, they published the Oakland County Climate Jobs and Justice Platform, outlining an environmental
vision for the future of Oakland County.

Currently, they’re engaging in our grassroots lobbying, having constituents and leaders meet with
county commissioners. Right now, climate change is an urgent issue we must solve. We wish
to discuss this budget with you, and the things we would like to see Oakland County do to help the

As a constituent, I am writing to request a meeting at your earliest convenience. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

{Your Name}

Optional Training Video for First-Timers

Step Four: Hold The Meeting

Once you're familiar with the material, have made contact with us (we will send someone to help you run the meeting, and have set a date. It's time to have your meeting. The most important thing to remember is that it's alright to not feel like an expert. We have prepared materials for you to hand to your commissioner. These materials have contact information to our office. We can provide expertise, where needed. What is important is that you tell your personal story. What drew you to be concerned about this issue? What are the moral reasons we should act to prevent climate change? You're here as an everyday person to make the case about what's important to you.

There are, however, a few things you should keep in mind when having a meeting with your commissioner for the first time. There will help make the meeting successful:

  • If You Can, Dress For The Part (Not Formal, But Above Everyday Clothes)

  • Choose A Suitable Location (Acceptable Noise, Comfortable Seating)

  • Arrive Early, Get Settled Before The Commissioner Arrives

  • Be Respectful, Even During Disagreements

  • DO NOT Guess; Just Say You Don't Know; We Will Follow Up.

  • Take Notes

Step Five: Amplify Your Impact

Thanks for taking action. Can you follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on the latest environmental news in Oakland County? Then, share our page with your friends to help spread the word?


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