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While You're Here, Help Us Save the Earth...It Just Takes a Minute


Act Now to Save Climate Action by Oakland County

Tomorrow night Oakland County Commissioners will decide whether to take a stand on climate change. If passed, proposals to be voted on at tomorrow night’s meeting will:

• Fund a high-ranking Sustainability Officer to lead county climate efforts and

• Create a Climate Action Plan for County operations.

These proposals are the beginning of serious climate action by our county. There is an organized effort to stop them.

We have heard that some commissioners are receiving calls from citizens who are against these measures. We expect there might be opposition during public comment. The commissioners have told us they need to hear from us. PLEASE make your voice heard.

Please contact your Commissioner today or tomorrow—BEFORE the vote which will take place on Thursday night—to tell them you SUPPORT these two steps to Turning Oakland County Green.

We had over 50 people sign the Thank You letter to Oakland County. Thank you if you did, but if you can find a moment to do more, please do this:

GOOD: Call your Commissioner

o Find Your Commissioner here

GOOD: Email your commissioner

o Find Your Commissioner here

BETTER: Submit a public comment:

o Public Comment Written Submission Form:

o Public Comment Email:

BEST: Call in to make a comment during the public comment time at the Commission meeting online

o Public Comment Phone Participation* United States: +1 (872) 240-3311 Access Code: 271-151-061

o If you do this, my advice is to write out your comment in advance. Call the above number at 5:50 pm, to get in line to make a comment. You’ll have to give your name, and then read your comment.

•You can also view the meeting at, but to make a comment you will have to call on the phone as listed above.

THANK YOU for your ongoing support of the Oakland County Climate Campaign. Your participation is essential to making this happen.


The Turn Oakland County Green Team

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