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Become an Effective Advocate for People and the Planet

Our campaign is fueled by the extraordinary efforts of hundreds of grassroots volunteers, everyday people who care deeply about our environment. Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, the importance of digital training options has increased. As a result, we're sharing all of  our resources and trainings online. Here, you can find the information needed to make YOU an effective advocate for the planet. With these skill development tools, you can help us win a livable planet for the future.

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While we hope you're as motivated as us to make immediate change, we ask that you get in touch with us before scheduling a meeting or claiming to represent the Oakland County Climate Campaign. You can indiciate your desire to volunteer and set up a meeting with your local officals on our volunteer form, available here. After that, someone will be in touch through email to help support your efforts. You can also leave questions on the contact form located on the homepage.

Video Trainings:

Learn About the Oakland County 2020 Climate, Jobs, and Justice Platform

In this session, we explore the basics of the platform and hear from Anne Vaara of the Oakland County Water Resource Commissioner's Office. If you want to learn more about the platform, what it contains, and the overall vision, you should watch this video first. It is a helpful accompainment to our platform which can be found on the homepage.

Learn How To Become a 'Citizen-Lobbyist' and Talk to Your County Commissioner

In this training, Sunrise Movement will teach us about the importance of narrative stories in meetings with elected officals. Grover Easterling from the Michigan League of Conservation Voters will help guide us through the basics of a lobby meeting and how to be a participant. This is a great training if you'd like to meet with elected officals and don't have a lot of experience. If you're not farmiliar with our 2020 Oakland County Climate, Jobs and Justice Platform, you might want to watch that video first.

Informational Readings/Handouts:

Platform One-Pager

This two-page document contains a simple version and summarized outline of the larger Oakland County 2020 Climate, Jobs, and Justice Platform. It is ideal for giving to people who want a quick summary of the proposals outlined in the plan.

Oakland County Platform

This two-page platform was the founding document of the Oakland County Climate Campaign. It contains the vision of a climate justice future for Oakland County and is divided into five pillars that cover a wide range of issues.

Social Media Guide

Want to help boost the message? This social media guide will give you the tools to help let your friends and neighbors know about the campaign on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Talking Points

Dive deeper into the issues with these informational sheets that talk about the issues.

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Find Your County Commissioner:


Ready to engage your elected officals? Don't know who your county comissioner is right now? Oakland County provides an address search tool that will help you figure out who represents you and list their contact information.

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